6 Months later: Current state of our house

About 6 months ago we bought a brand new house! Its been exciting and we feel so blessed that we can afford to own a house at this point in our lives.

I've loved being able to decorate and put my own touch on things! Obviously, I haven't been able to fill the rooms up yet, because of the responsibility to actually pay my mortgage and other things we are saving for, but I feel great about the rooms we have decorated thus far. And we really have more than we need. We will fill the rest slowly as we need to.

Here's where we are at this point:

Our perfect bedroom, full post here. There are only a couple finishing touches in this room for sometime in the future: Dresser covered in white candles of various sizes (kind of obsessed with idea). 

Empty bedroom next to our room. Someday this will be a kids room- someday- that wasn't a confession. 

Loft right outside our bedroom, clearly empty (besides the lovely router of course). Eventually I want this to be a reading nook with maybe a window seat and some comfy chairs and a bookshelf filled with my favorite books. 

The living room, where we spend most of our time. Finishing touches for this room an ottoman (thinking this one) and a comfy chair, maybe a side table if its not feeling too cluttered. 

Guest bathroom, done. this bathroom has been used like 5 times total. We don't have very many guests, come stay with us. You probably won't want to after the next picture. 

The guest bedroom, with no furniture and a bunch of crap I need to go through. 

I obsoletely adore the open floor plan we have. We cook a lot and love to watch all the netflix shows as we do. 

I was a little concerned about having glass cabinets, cuz messy, but I actually love them, I get to display all of my beautiful white dishes, and it helps me keep everything organized! 

Our kitchen is absolutely perfect. I don't think I could have picked out better finishes if I had designed it myself. Only thing missing: hardware for the cabinets.

The office is kind of at a standstill at this point. I originally new exactly what I wanted to do in here, then we got offered my grandparents old piano (which we could not say no to, its gorgeous and was free!) so it kind of threw off my vision. Eventually I thing I want some kind of shelving, a rug and whatever else makes sense. 

Entryway, just needs this perfect console table from West Elm, maybe in my dreams. 

Downstairs half bath. Clean, simple, done! That elephant picture was a gift from my husband for my birthday. Its from Belgium and perfect. Elephants are my favorite animal, if you didn't know. 

And to finish the tour off we have the most exciting room in the house, the laundry room, not! The only things needed in here are maybe some organizers or something cute? I don't know.

What do you think? Any great interior design ideas for me? Im all ears!

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