Europe Tour 2012: Athens, Greece

I am finally posting about Athens, Greece! This was delayed because I lost my SD card which housed all of my photos, but while doing some organizing last weekend I found it, and am in the process of backing up my photos! Athens was the last stop on our Europe tour. We LOVED it. This place was full of variety, Private beach one day, tons of tourists at the Acropolis the next.

We rented an airbnb for this stay and it was quite the adventure getting there. We decided hey lets take the bus, that'll be way cheaper! But we forgot that we don't read anything in Greek and the Cyrillic alphabet is pretty confusing if you aren't familiar with it. We got off the bus many stops too early and frantically called our host while we wandered around Athens. Luckily she picked up and spoke enough english to head us off in the right direction. We were SOOOO relieved when we made it to the apartment.

Our host recommended that we take a boat to the non touristy island off the coast of Athens (I cannot remember what it is called for the life of me). It was basically dead when we got there. We had an entire beach to ourselves for most the day. We played on the beach, ate at a local sandwich shop, got some gelato, and took in the beautiful little port! I didn't bring my camera on this venture because I figured we'd be playing the water and I didn't want to have to worry about my camera getting stolen. Had I known we would see basically nobody on the beach I would have brought it!

The pictures above were at a very crowded beach in Athens, still beautiful though!

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