March Goals!

February was not a great month for getting my personal goals accomplished. Luckily with March beginning I get to start all over again! 

February Goals:
1. Practice the piano everyday- NO EXCUSES. Even 10 minutes will help me keep what I have learned fresh. Major Fail, didn't practice once
2. Go to the gym right after work 3 times a week with the hubby + 1 or 2 times myself (trying to do shorter workouts more often during the week) Rocked this! The last week of february I went to the gym/on a bike ride 4x and took a walk at work 4 out of 5 days- thank goodness for the gorgeous weather!
3. Take pictures every weekend when we actually do fun things and document on the blog! Did pretty good, minus last weekend, took none. 
4. Read scriptures every night even when we're tired. Fail.
5. Be more patient, kind and loving to my husband even when Im stressed.Work in progress. 

March Goals
1. Get outside everyday if its sunny- hoping the nice weather sticks
2. Get Europe plans locked down and everything booked- only 2 months till we go!!!
3. Celebrate Travis birthday in any way he wants, he's turning 25 this year! 
4. Find motivation to learn the piano
5. Kill it at work- I want a promotion!!! 

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