Qualtrics ski day 2016

Last week my work had its annual ski day for the Engineering team, yes I am technically on the engineering team. haha 

I slept in and left my house around 10. Got to the mountain and skied for about an hour before I went to get my free lunch. After hanging out with some coworkers at lunch I went down two more runs and went home early. It was a gorgeous day! and I loved being able to unwind and just have some fun in the middle of the week. I also totally fit in with my subaru. 

When I got home it was about 55 degrees and sunny so I washed my car! I got a ton done when I got home. For some reason I am way more productive when the sun is still out. Its one of the many reasons why I hate winter. When I get home at 6pm and its already dark out I’m like screw it I’m watching 4 hours of Netflix. 

Hope you are having a great week! Im stoked for the weekend. We got invited to brunch at someone in our neighborhoods house and Im kind of excited, we need to meet more people. 

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