Madrid, Spain 2016

Delicious Paella

Plaza Mayor

Outside Palacio Real or Royal Palace of Madrid

The cutest flats across the street from the palace

Rain rain everyday!

Soaking in the sun at Retiro Park

Fresh food at faborit- my salad was covered in that soup pretty much. The girl just kept squirting more!!

Napolitanas! YUM! We tried custard and chocolate

Zara was just too pretty in madrid! We couldn't help ourselves

Travis with our new suitcase to transport all our souvenirs- most picked up in madrid

Im starting off from the tail end of our trip because I don't have all of the pictures back from London. Madrid was the last leg of our Europe excursion and it was super fun to end with.

We only had sunny skies for half a day of the 2.5 days we were there and because of this we took it as a sign to slow down. We went to bed early, slept in, limited our activities and ate lots of good food. I definitely need to make chicken paella because that stuff was amazing!

Madrid is super walkable and an easy city to get around in general. Our Airbnb was within a 20 minute walk from everything we wanted to see, so besides going to and from the airport, we walked everywhere!

Our two favorite things in madrid were taking a guided tour of the palace of Madrid and taking a row boat on the Retiro Park pond.

The palace was absolutely incredible. It has over 2000 rooms making it very comparable to versailles as far as palaces go. We only saw about 25 of the rooms, but they were incredible. Our guide kept telling us, remember this it is the best thing in the palace. We realized that everything is the best in the palace if you get specific enough. haha

The next day we headed to Retiro park for about 3 hours of sunshine. we took out a rowboat, which I thought was ridiculously fun, walked through the park and just enjoyed the peacefulness.

As the rains started coming in we decided to get a super fresh lunch and finsih up the trip with a little shopping spree. We might have gone a little crazy at Zara. We decided to buy another suitcase to bring all of our stuff back home in...whoops! We also obviously made a stop for napolitanas at La Mallorquina in Puerto Del Sol.

We definitely need to come back and spend more time in Spain!

London Flat

 All photo creed goes to my friend Chelsee Sheffield who stayed with us in London

London was our first stop on our European tour and boy was it lovely! We got our London flat from airbnb. Chelsee and I were hoping to find something central, bright and big enough for two couples to share! When we came across this listing we couldn't say no.

This apartment delivered, although it was a lot smaller than the pictures made it seem! We made it work and really enjoyed our time here! The owner is an interior designer and you can tell, every detail and fixture is divine!

Airbnb is the way to go when traveling in Europe. We had nothing but good experiences this trip.  We wanted kitchens in every place we visited so we could cook if we wanted to and whole apartments are a lot cheaper than hotels and make you feel more at home. You just need to make sure the place you are going has good ratings and lots of positive comments from other people who have stayed there. 

We spent many a late nights up talking, cooked two dinners in our lovely little kitchen, played many games of candy poker and created memories we will never forget! 

We love you London!