Best Europe Eats

The best indian food I've ever had in London, across the street from our flat, should have gone more than once! 

Freak shakes in London

Afternoon tea at the Orangery in London

Thai box from Leon in London

Butterbeer at Warner Brothers studios London

The best flower gelato in London

Yummy Chocolate from Germany

Ice cream in Germany

KEBAB in Germany

Pizza in Florence

Handmade ravioli from the florence markets

Dinner in our private garden in Florence

THE BEST PIZZA IN Monterosso (we went back 3 times)

Gnocchi and Spaghetti in Monterosso

Gelato in Porto Venere

Trofie pasta in Manorola


Brushetta in Pisa

Paella in Madrid

Gelato macaroon in Madrid

Tapas in Madrid

The best pastries (Napolitanas) in Madrid

Chocolate spoils from all around Europe

Our trip was dominated by food. Lets be honest my mantra was gelato: all day everyday. 

Everything was just too good, and it was hard to try everything that we wanted to. 

We tried lots of different cuisines in london, and cooked two nights at our flat. 

In germany we got the strongest taste of authentic meals due to staying with a family living there. We ate delicious homemade german food every night, and ate lots of Kebab at lunch. 

Florence and Chinque terre were overflowing with Pasta, Pizza and gelato.  The only thing I got sick of was italian food (I know, you feel so bad for me). After a full week of just pizza and pasta though, I was so ready for the cuisine of spain. And it did not disappoint! My chicken Pealla was delightful. Everything we tried in Spain was mouthwatering! 

I can't wait to recreate these dishes at home. It won't be the same, but I'm sure it will still be  delicious! 

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