Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy

We loved Monterosso, our first day here we had the best pizza of my life, seriously we went back at least two more times, then explored the town a bit and had an ocean view with our pasta. The town blew me away with its adorable paths and beyond gorgeous buildings.

The next couple days we used monterosso as our home base to visit the towns of cinque terre. We started our full day hop on hop off boat tour here, which I will have a full post on, and spent two lovely days at the beach! Travis would probably only count it as one, since i refused to go in the water the first day! For me any day I am sitting on a beach towel with the sand in my toes, listening to the waves is a good beach day in my books.

There are 5 towns that are a part of Cinque Terre. We opted to stay in Monterosso Al Mare for the length of our stay. What got me was our beautiful Airbnb, a 2 min walk to the beach, and that its a bigger town than the others so more options for food.

Each town in Cinque Terre has its own unique style and they are all so easy to get to from each other (minus Corneglia- which we sadly didn't go to). I don't think you could go wrong staying in any of them, as long as you also venture out! We spent about 4 days in Monterosso and it was not enough!

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