Life lately- July 2016

Ive been blogging a lot about Europe lately and am not even close to done, but I wanted to update the blog on what we've been up to lately for the last two months.

A lot of our time thees last two months has been spent working hard at our jobs, which is boring, but essential.

Fun date planned by my husband, flowers, picnic and walking around one of our favorite neighborhoods. 

Lots of boating and crying that these people left us for med school! 

Birthday dinner with these girls. Me and Jamie had matched twice in one day.... we are the same person. 

We also spent 3 weeks getting our yard in! So many friends and family have helped us get this done, we are so grateful for everyones help! You will all be invited over for dinner when its done- one more weekend to come extending our patio out! Also can't wait for our fence- fences make good neighbors ;)

4th of July weekend was a blast! We went boating Friday Night, did stadium of fire Saturday night, had my family and grandparents over for dinner at our house sunday night, did a family tennis tournament Monday afternoon, and dinner and fireworks with Travis' family Monday night! It was an action packed weekend and so much fun!

Lots of running and bike rides to train for my half marathon in september- not pictured- several 5pm after work runs with megan, and lots of complaining from me about the temperature.

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