Florence, Italy 2016


Florence Italy was truly incredible, there is nothing like that tuscan sun. The weather was delightful, the food was delectable, and the company was perfect.

Highlights: Admiring the beautiful art deco Duomo, the boys waking up early to find some locals to play soccer with, the gelato, seeing the David, taking a hike above the city and watching the sunset, smelling all of the goods in the leather markets (I got sandals Ive been wearing on repeat all summer and travis got some italian leather dress shoes to go with his euro suit), Going to the markets and picking out food to make dinner in are ridiculously beautiful garden, and again FOOD.

Really we did a lot of fun things in Florence, but we tried to take it easier here than in London. We had more of a stroll going on in Italy instead of a we're always late to something vibe like we did in London.

I would go back to this place in a second, next time I am definitely taking a cooking class, that was one thing that chelsee and Issac did without usthat I kind of regret not doing!

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