Our little secret garden in Florence, Italy


OH MY GOSH. I AM OBSESSED WITH OUR FLORENCE AIRBNB. Can you blame me after these pics??

When I was searching Airbnb while planning our trip, I came across this one and FELL IN LOVE. It was $75 a night, walking distance of everything, the perfect size and super light and airy. Its also a whole apartment to yourself (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom). But the best part, it has a completely private backyard garden!!! Its a little slice of heaven in the big city!!!! I only wish we had stayed longer.

My favorite day in Florence was when we shopped at the market and bought homemade raviolis, bread, and fresh veggies. Then we travelled back to our dreamy flat and made dinner, ate in the garden and finished the night off with a sunset hike up above the city. A perfect day!

Also, I hope you enjoy this picture of my husband and Isaac being ridiculous and making fun of our friend pics.

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