2018 goals

Last year I had a long list of very specific measurable goals that I was making progress on, then halfway through the year my world flipped upside down with several job changes! This year I am going to stick with more overarching themes/goals that I can focus more specifically on monthly.

1. Financial

Save at least half of our income. This would include strategies for contributing to both our 401Ks, our child's education fund, and personal savings/investments

2. Personal 

Get out of the habit of the default activity of watching tv.

3. Spiritual

Read or listen to something uplifting every day!

I plan on giving myself grace with these goals and remembering that I have an entire year to get these habits down/fullfil these goals.

I am hoping we can still travel a decent amount in 2018 despite the changes! We are going to Bermuda with a day trip in NYC in February and then hoping to do something with family in the summer and at least something else in the fall with our new babe.

Next year I want to be more focused on the present and less worried about the things that don't matter. With a baby coming into our lives I know a lot will change and I want to grow as that change comes.

I cant wait to see what 2018 has in store!

2017: the year of change

2017 was the year of embracing change! We accomplished so much and it flew by.


One of my resolutions for 2017 was to take a trip every month, and I actually delivered on this one for the most part. It was so much fun going new places and experiencing new things. I am always happy when I have a trip to look forward too no matter how big or small that trip might be.

January- Jackson Hole
February- St. George & California
March- Iceland
April- London
May- Major Job change! 
June- Northern California 
July- Exuma Bahamas
August- Idaho for the total eclipse 
September- France 
October- Kauai, Hawaii for work 
November- California 
December- Christmas at home with family 


I had an unexpected job change in 2017. I said goodbye to Qualtrics, my workplace of 3 years, and hello to BioFire, where I have now been for 6 months.

The move to BioFire was unexpected because I wasn't actively looking for a job, and happened to get a random message on linkedin from my now current manager, who I had almost no connections to. The best part of the story is that his message went unnoticed by me for almost 3 months. When I finally saw it and sent him a message back that I was interested in the position I was pretty heartsick cuz I thought there would be no way the job hadn't been filled. I was so happy to hear later that night that not only had the position not been filled, but they were looking for very specific experience/education that was basically exactly what I had to offer. We chatted the next week over the phone and I started the application process and was hired a month later.

Biofire has given me more flexibility with work life balance (a less work-a-holic culture overall, every other friday off + much better PTO) + more challenging and exciting opportunities day to day. Plus the company makes tests for infectious diseases, which with my epidemiology background is something I am very passionate about!

After my second semester teaching for BYU-I online I decided to take a break to focus on my new job. I also decided to stop selling for Shop Stevie after a year of lots of fun, for similar reasons.

Travis also had an unexpected job change at the end of the year. He left Teva Pharmecueticals which he had been with for his internship during college and for the last 2 years after he graduated. We received a text from a good friend from church that his senior engineer was leaving and that he wanted travis to apply for the job, two months later he is working for Integra Life Sciences and is enjoying the added responsibility and change of pace.


In case you didn't hear, we found out I am pregnant with a baby boy this year! Definitely the most exciting thing to happen to us in 2017! We are living up our last months together before baby is born, but cant wait to meet him and know our lives are going to change forever!

Photos in Paris

I won a giveaway a couple months ago from an awesome company called Flytographer. They connect people with photographers all over the world to make booking a shoot hassle free all over the world! I had this trip planned before I won and it lined up perfectly! I am IN LOVE with these photos!! The experience was awesome too, our photographer was super friendly and we had such a nice time chatting and walking around the city! All I can say is take me back to paris!

Disneyland 2017 girls trip!

About a month ago my best friends and I went on our (almost annual) girls trip to California! It was so much fun. We all took off from work a little early on Thursday for our 6pm Flight!

Our hotel was really cute and castle like, but the main perk was its 20 minute walk from the front entrance of Disneyland!

Thursday night we made some bad decisions like stopping at Wendys for dinner. haha and got some groceries for breakfast.

Friday morning we were up bring and early and literally sprinting to Disneyland. I was a little mad that we missed opening by 15 minutes... again. Getting places and through security always takes longer than you think. Soon enough we were in park and dreaming of a perfect day!

It was a lot busier than we were expecting, but that was probably due to the absolutely perfect weather. Sunny and 65. We took things a little slower than we normally do at disney, but still rode pretty much everything we wanted to (Pirates was closed so that was sad) and we ate dinner at the Blue Bayou! We got our reservations 2 months in advance and I am SO glad we did!

Food: We ate our way through Disneyland this year. Dole Whips, Churros, cream cheese pretzels, popcorn, corndogs (Megan), Fried Chicken, Caramel apples, cake pops, Dinner at the Blue Bayou (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) 

The rest of the weekend include Downtown Disney, the beach, lots of Mexican food, and 3 trips to Sprinkles. Trips always go way too fast, cant wait till next year!

Jackson Hole Weekend Getaway

 For Christmas I gifted Travis a ski trip to Jackson Hole. If you know my husband well you know skiing is one of his passions and he has always wanted to go on a ski trip!

We left early on Friday for the 5 hour drive to Jackson. We listened to music and enjoyed the work free day. We arrived at our Tiny Cabin and were so charmed! I would stay again at the Fireside Resort in a HEARTBEAT. This place was so cute and cozy and it was nice to have a whole place all to ourselves.

We had planned on night skiing that night when we got there, but when it was -8 degrees we opted for a nice meal and cuddling by the fire watching a movie instead.

The next day we woke up early to ski all day at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. This place was INTENSE. Definitely the steepest runs Ive ever done and I only stuck to the blue! The resort was breathtaking and I loved that a bunch of the lifts had closed in gondolas.

After skiing we showered up and headed to dinner in Jackson. We had so much good food while we were here!

The next day we explored jackson town. This place is so cute!!! We went to this ADORABLE place for lunch, got delicious caramels and fudge from Yippie- I- O, walked around the shops and then drove home.

We are definitely planning to come back! Next time I would definitely take an extra day to add in another ski day.