2017 goals

Another one that has been sitting in my drafts for months! I absolutely love setting goals, and a new year always feels like the right time to sit down and assess how the last year went and where we want the next year to go.

This year I had 5 categories of goals that I documented for my own personal growth as well as some business goals.


Quality time- 
1. Stop watching tv every night after work, find new activities to do during the week together
2. Only work Monday and Wednesday nights and don't let it seep into every other night of the week
3. Invite people over for dinner!

1. Start getting ready for be around 9:45 every night so I can get to sleep earlier
2. Formally exercise 3 times a week

1. Read my scriptures every night
2. Attend the temple at least once a month

1. Get the full match on Travis' 401k add 5% to my 401K
2. Save at least 1/4 of our post tax income

1. Read 52 books this year or one book a week
2. Take more pictures
3. Take one trip a month (even if its something small like a weekend getaway to St. George)

Monthly trip ideas:
January- Jackson Hole
February- St. George & California
March- Iceland
April- London
May- ?
June- San Fransisco
July- Caribbean or Thailand
August- California?
September- Washington DC?
October- ?
November- ?
December- ?

Business goals:

1. Grow instagram to 10,000+ followers this year
2. Be able to pay our mortgage with my profits each month
3. Find new ways to express my creativity through my business (photoshoots, marketing, etc)

Telling people about my goals and having them in a place where I can regularly be reminded of them is the best way I have found to stay accountable! I have them printed on my nightstand so I can see them daily! What are your 2017 goals?

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