Disneyland 2017 girls trip!

About a month ago my best friends and I went on our (almost annual) girls trip to California! It was so much fun. We all took off from work a little early on Thursday for our 6pm Flight!

Our hotel was really cute and castle like, but the main perk was its 20 minute walk from the front entrance of Disneyland!

Thursday night we made some bad decisions like stopping at Wendys for dinner. haha and got some groceries for breakfast.

Friday morning we were up bring and early and literally sprinting to Disneyland. I was a little mad that we missed opening by 15 minutes... again. Getting places and through security always takes longer than you think. Soon enough we were in park and dreaming of a perfect day!

It was a lot busier than we were expecting, but that was probably due to the absolutely perfect weather. Sunny and 65. We took things a little slower than we normally do at disney, but still rode pretty much everything we wanted to (Pirates was closed so that was sad) and we ate dinner at the Blue Bayou! We got our reservations 2 months in advance and I am SO glad we did!

Food: We ate our way through Disneyland this year. Dole Whips, Churros, cream cheese pretzels, popcorn, corndogs (Megan), Fried Chicken, Caramel apples, cake pops, Dinner at the Blue Bayou (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) 

The rest of the weekend include Downtown Disney, the beach, lots of Mexican food, and 3 trips to Sprinkles. Trips always go way too fast, cant wait till next year!