2018 goals

Last year I had a long list of very specific measurable goals that I was making progress on, then halfway through the year my world flipped upside down with several job changes! This year I am going to stick with more overarching themes/goals that I can focus more specifically on monthly.

1. Financial

Save at least half of our income. This would include strategies for contributing to both our 401Ks, our child's education fund, and personal savings/investments

2. Personal 

Get out of the habit of the default activity of watching tv.

3. Spiritual

Read or listen to something uplifting every day!

I plan on giving myself grace with these goals and remembering that I have an entire year to get these habits down/fullfil these goals.

I am hoping we can still travel a decent amount in 2018 despite the changes! We are going to Bermuda with a day trip in NYC in February and then hoping to do something with family in the summer and at least something else in the fall with our new babe.

Next year I want to be more focused on the present and less worried about the things that don't matter. With a baby coming into our lives I know a lot will change and I want to grow as that change comes.

I cant wait to see what 2018 has in store!

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