Pregnancy update 21 weeks

I thought I would record a little pregnancy update since I haven't yet and we are already passed the halfway mark, which is mind boggling! 

How I told travis I was pregnant 
Travis and I were incredibly lucky and got pregnant pretty much right when we wanted to to. He hung out with friends the day I took a test because I wanted to surprise him that night. I was pretty certain I was pregnant at this point because I was 5 days late. I went to target that day and picked up a couple cute things to tell him. I was up in the room where I had the last of my Shop Stevie stuff and yelled down to him to come help me finish up orders. He was super reluctant, which is normally not like him so I had to ask him like 6 times to come help me. I was sitting in the room next to a baby onsie, the positive test and jimmy fallons book, “your baby’s first word will be DADA” He walked in and was completely taken off guard, exclaiming ALREADY? Hahaha He swooped me up for a kiss and we spent the rest of the night talking about our baby and how are life was going to change (like we really had/have any idea).

Telling my family 
I told my parents around 8 weeks because I just couldn't keep the secret any longer, plus I knew if anything were to happen I would want them to know and be able to be there for me. I told my parents I had forgotten about a couple gifts I had gotten them from when we were in France a couple weeks before and would give them to them at family dinner that night (we go to their house for dinner 1-2 Sundays a month).  I had bought my dad an awesome shirt that said New grandpa 2018 Rookie Dept. and I got my mom a beautiful Made By Mary necklace that says Grandma. We sneakily filmed them as they were opening up their gifts and my moms reaction was by far the best. She started out with oh this necklace is so pretty, then took a second to read it and just flipped out!! :) 

Are you having a boy or a girl?
We are having a boy! We have had one boy and one girls name picked out since we were basically first married and still love them so his name will be Stanford (we don't care what people think so have no problem telling everyone haha). The name is English and was really popular in the 1900's but not so much anymore, we have actually known a couple Stanford's and just love how strong the name sounds. We plan to call him Ford for short! We havent decided on a middle name yet.

How far along am I?
21 weeks 1 day! 

How am I feeling? 
GREAT! I keep having cold relapses but other than that I feel completely myself, which is not what I was expecting at all. Once my nausea went away is when I was like wohooo I can do this and Im so glad it didn’t last! I don’t know how people who are sick their whole pregnancy do it! 

How am I sleeping? 
Much better, I got like a million pillows because sleeping on my side is quite the struggle and after some trial and error and I found a coupe that make it manageable. These two are my favorites: Boppy pregnancy wedge and Boppy side sleeper.

How is work going? 
Work was REALLY hard for the about 7-8 weeks when I was feeling nauseous (and hadn't told anyone I was pregnant yet). I just didn't feel good and motivated to really get everything I needed/wanted to done. Luckily no one seemed to even notice (helps that I was fairly new and no one really knew what my full capacity was like haha). When I told my manager I was pregnant and had been feeling really awful he was super surprised, like shock all across his face (not to the I was pregnant part, but to the I felt awful for that long part). So I'm just glad it didn't seem like it rubbed off on my performance overall to others even though I definitely know it did! At the moment I am planning on working up until I give birth and then I'll have a 3 month maternity leave and go back after. Im pretty certain I will do full time or almost full time 30+ hours per week (I LOVE my job), but I am going to be flexible with myself as I know it'll be a lot different than I am expecting and not everything will go according to plan.  

Any movement from the baby yet?
Yes, Ive been feeling movement for a lot longer than I realized! I believe I could start feeling him move around week 16/17 and its just been getting stronger as the weeks go by. Travis got to feel the baby for the first time this weekend and it was so exciting! 

How did our ultrasound go? 
We had our anatomy scan ultrasound this week and everything is looking good! He is measuring on time, and from what they can tell all of his organs and his body look healthy! It was sooo fun to be able to see him punch and kick me and feel it at the same time! 

Am I craving anything?
I don’t believe food cravings are really a thing. I have regular food cravings like I did before I was pregnant but nothing more or less.

Any food aversions?

Also don’t believe this is a thing haha. My only aversion is to strong smells, like the fridge, especially when I was really nauseas, I couldn’t open it without feeling like I was going to throw up (never did though) 

How’s the nursery coming along?

I have a Pinterest board and some ideas, but thats about as far as I have gotten. I love the idea of a very subtle gender neutral travel theme. I don’t feel the need to get the nursery ready anytime soon. 

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