Newborn photos

We had some newborn photos taken the day before Ford turned 2 weeks old. Im kind of obsessed with them.

Stanford is the sweetest baby right now, he does everything you'd expect, mostly eat/sleep/poop. He absolutely loves the bath and has the cutest grunts and noises. He is a HUNGRY kid. We have been doing a mix of bottle and breastfeeding and he always CHUGS it.

We've been surprised at how fast the day with a newborn goes. There are only a couple things a newborn needs but those needs take up a lot of time! Im so glad travis got two weeks off for paternity leave, it helped us get in a groove and figure this new little guy out! I do wish it had been longer though!

Sleep was a little rough the first two and a half weeks but I decided to take an online newborn sleep class and since then we've got at least one 4-5 hour stretch at night every night and he takes 2-3 hour naps after he eats almost every time so feeling like a winner over here right now!

Im amazed at how much I love him already!

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