Stanford 2.5 Months

Ford is already 2.5 months old, man that flew by!

He is such a happy baby, loves to smile to the point it looks like he is about to burst sometimes. We love it!

At his 2 month appointment he was 23 inches and 10lbs 14oz which is right in line with his growth chart, but means he's on the smaller side (25% percentile).

He started rolling front to back during tummy time a couple of weeks ago and more recently back to tummy even in a swaddle! We've had to start weaning him from his swaddle because of this. On the second night of one arm out he slept 9.5 hours so he's pretty much a champ!

He found his hands and wants to chomp on them all the time! Unfortunately he has a good habit of gauging himself so we still have mitts on him most of the time.

Lots of changes are coming his way as I head back to work in a week so he'll be watched by his auntie and grandma on most weekdays (I have a lot of holidays, PTO and every other Friday off). He loves them so much and has no problem taking a bottle so I don't think he'll have any problems.

He's become so much fun and we love him to death!