Our Love Story

Travis and I met way back in 10th grade. We were both shy little teenagers, but knew we liked each other from the start. Some of my favorite things to think back on are the hours spent on Instant messenger, the midnight phone call that lasted almost 5 hours, and how much trouble I was in for going over $50 over on my texting limits all because of him.

We had some ups and downs in high school. We never really dated then. We had spurts of liking each other but could never get on the same page. I never imagined we would end up together. Luckily, we remained good friends during that whole time. Travis was one of the few people I poured my aching teenage soul out to many times.

We were still good friends after he got back from his 2 year mission in Paraguay (I sent him one whole letter while he was gone). One night we were hanging out and I just realized we needed to try dating. He had basically everything I was looking for and I just had to open my mind and get rid of my fears and give us a real chance. 

Travis and I started dating at the right time for both of us at the beginning of May 2013, got engaged at the end of September, and were Married December 28th. 


  1. What a beautiful story... your HS reminiscing totally makes me think back to being a young one! AOL IM!! Lol... printing convos!! And the phone calls til 4am! Ahh...youth! Such a sweet reflection, and glad you two ended up together!

    All the Cute